How do you wash and care for Fusion garments?

Given the high-tech nature of Fusion products, special care is needed when storing and washing Fusion garments. In order to maximize the products' performance and its longevity, please follow these guidelines:

Storing Garments:

Do not hang the garments in the direct sunlight.
Never store damp clothes in a non-ventilated environment (e.g. plastic bags, sport bag, suitcase, etc.).

Washing Garments:

Wash sporting garments separately from other clothes / accessories to prevent friction.
Before washing, turn the garments inside out.
Read the care content label on the inside of your garment; there are instructions for the care of that individual piece.
Close all zippers.
Machine-wash but use a delicate cycle and lukewarm water (max. 30° C).
Do not use bleachers and/or softeners. Use a mild liquid detergent only.
Do not soak, wring or rub.
Dry garments flat or hanging, but do not tumble dry.
Do not iron.

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